Proyecto ROCAMAR Phases

January 3rd, 2012
Phase 3: Water park

Phase 3: Water park

  • Phase 1: Collaborate with the Alcaldía of Puerto de La Libertad, El Salvador to build a futbol court with a viewing platform overlooking recreational areas and beaches of Pureto de La Libertad. Clean up the garbage dumps on the hillsides and perimeter of the landholding. Initiate an awareness campaign for the city’s recycling program.
  • Phase 2: Construct a perimeter wall to protect the ecology of the hillside and ensure the safety of visitors. Initiate a tree planting campaign in Puerto de La Libertad.
  • Phase 3: Construct a Water park within the perimeter that is an eco-friendly and attractive tourist destination. Begin a water treatment campaign in Puerto de La Libertad.
  • Phase 4: Construct low impact habitation using bioconstruction methods to accommodate visitors.