Tijeras Arroyo Resiliency Strategies June 26, 2021

In this project, I examine construction techniques that work to slow stormwater run-off and redirect it for use by natural systems that, over time, impart greater biodiversity and resiliency to the Tijeras Watershed. Thesis A variety of low-impact constructed forms have the potential to slow down stormwater run-off so that it may be utilized by living systems. Constructions such as channels, check-dams, swales, dissipaters, terraces, oxbows, and other rock basins require minimal energy inputs to begin nutrient cycling and biomass…

Jaguar Crossings
Jaguar Crossings

Jaguar Crossings December 10, 2020

A young jaguar cat, one of the largest predators of the Americas emerges into the star-filled Sonoran desert sky to begin its nightly walk-about. Each night brings the animal further north under the cover of darkness along steep slopes and mountain ridges. Only a few miles north, military contractors work by floodlight to erect a border wall promised by President Trump to be a “beautiful wall” on the remaining 1,300 unfenced miles of the U.S.-Mexico border. Although the wall is…

Splash Pad December 10, 2020

This is a set of construction documents for a splash area in a public city park. Rock boulders, a water fountain, and vegetation create a tranquil central space. Runnels direct water to a contained splash pad for kids. Visitors may enjoy the water features as they sit along the retaining walls on the upper or lower plaza areas. There are two tables for use by lunch-time visitors. Boulders, a water fountain, and vegetation create a tranquil central area, while runnels…

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