Archived works include collaborative design projects with Curators Without Borders (CWB) and concept study for Landscape Architecture Studio at the University of New Mexico, School of Architecture + Planning.

Design tends to be a collaborative and communicative endeavor where knowledge systems from many sources converge to draw lines of invisible causality toward the benefit of living systems.

Landscape Architecture addresses the need to resituate humanity within ecology and living systems within an ethic of respect and responsibility. Well-being and sustainability are among its goals. Have a closer look.

Project Details

Client : Curators Without Borders for Internews and National Geographic Society collaboration, for the Office of Head Start; and University of New Mexico School of Architecture + Planning, Department of Landscape Architecture..
Date : 03/15/2019
Skills : Concept Design, Landscape Design
Address : https://www.curatorswithoutborders.org/

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