Regenerative Design

The Navajo Regenerative Growth Initiative is a proposal for transforming the remnants of a timber extraction site in the Diné community of Red Lake. Through remediation, the polluted and abandoned industrial site can become a model for land-based social and ecological resilience. Phytoremediation by sunflowers helps remove residual pollutants and stabilize or destroy contaminants in the soil and groundwater. Composting programs increase the organic activity in the soil enhancing the site’s water absorption. Healthy soil leads to greater agricultural productivity so that over time, community gardens, ponds, recreational trails, educational signage, and partnerships with businesses may be established as a means of increasing economic activity from within the community.

The hope is that some humble seed pops, compacted balls of clay with soil and seeds mixed in, may deliver Regenerative Community Health over a span of 10 years.

A constructed observation aid, a video presentation, and a guide for planning are the three components of representing the project.

Observing Aid

Observing Aid

Project Details

Client : University of New Mexico School of Architecture + Planning, Instructor: Catherine Harris for Prestene Garnenez, Navajo Nation, Red Lake Chapter.
Date : 08/30/2019
Skills : Landscape Design, Management, Planning
Address : https://saap.unm.edu/

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